US National Security Adviser Robert O’Brien says, Five plagues have come from China and it must stop now.

Hardening its stance against China, US National Security Advisor Robert O’Brien on Tuesday (May 12) said that as many as five plagues have come out of China in the last two decades and it has to stop at some point.

Through his statement, O’Brien held China responsible for the origin of the coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic which has claimed lives of over 250,000 people across the world.

Addressing a press conference at the White House, O’Brien noted that the global community is going to rise up and tell the Chinese government that “we can no longer have these plagues coming out of China”, whether it is from labs or wet markets.

“We know it came from Wuhan and I think there’s circumstantial evidence that it could have come from the lab or the wet market. But, again, if you’re China, neither one’s a good answer,” O’Brien said.

“We’ve had five plagues from China in the last 20 years. We’ve had SARS, avian flu, swine flu, COVID-19 now and how long can the world put up with this terrible public health situation that you’ve got in the People’s Republic of China that is being unleashed on the world,” he added.

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